Takeaway orders

Let people order food for takeaway in your restaurant

Client place an order

Client uses your normal or mobile website or dedicated application to find what he wants to order from your menu. He can place an order only for the date and time you permit with respect to the time you need for preparation


Confirmation and payment

Client completes order by providing name, phone and email. Client pay for the orders in one of the provided methods... like credit card payment. At the end he receives a confirmation with a special pickup code and generated QR code

You receive an order

Instantly you receive an order in selected ways. You change the status of the order to "In preparation" and client is notified that the order is underway


You deliver the order

When client come to your restaurant you can simply ask him for a takeaway code or to show you the generated code. You can scan it with use of our app and give it to client

Finalize the order

When order is finished you can simply change the status to completed or delivered. This will prevent other people of using the same code to get the delivery again!


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