Table orders

Let people order food to the table in your restaurant

Client places an order

Client uses your mobile website or dedicated application to find what he wants to order from your menu.


Confirmation and payment

Client completes order by providing Name, Phone and table number. He also chooses of of the provided payment methods like online payment. At the end he receive a confirmation with a special pickup code and generated QR code

You receive an order

Instantly you receive an order on your mobile apps placed in the pockets of your people, at the bar and kitchen. You change the status of the order to "In preparation" and client is notified.


You deliver the order

When order is ready you can take it to your table and ask client to provide a code or show you the QR code. You scan QR code with help of our app and check all the details to confirm.

Finalize the order

If everything is fine you can change the status of the order to "completed" or "delivered" and that's it! Your clients will not be frustrated about the waiting time anymore!


Build your ordering website

Receive life-time access

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