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If your restaurant asks itself the question of what to do next, it is very likely that you still do not have an online ordering system. Countless studies have been already conducted on consumer attitudes toward online food ordering. All of them show more than 60% of consumers order delivery or take-out at least once a week. Fortunately, passed the time when restaurant owners had to manually create their own online ordering websites. It was not only time consuming but also required certain IT knowledge. Today, the most optimal solution is to turn to existing web-based ordering systems. The possess all the necessary features for creating a website and require no more than 15 minutes of your time spent on settings before you can accept the first order.

Pay your attention to such platforms that allow you to independently choose the price you are willing to pay for their services based on the number of orders you are planning to take per month. This will help you optimize expenses and discover a new promotion tool at the same time. After you have decided on the choice of the system, go to the menu settings. During this process, you need to look at everything through the eyes of the client. This helps you choose the most attractive photos of dishes and determine their descriptions. This is exactly the case when the rule works “the simpler - the better”. Try to make the descriptions concise and informative and avoid missing the list of ingredients, as your customers may be allergic to some products.

Looking from the clients’ side, you can understand, when choosing online ordering, they often sacrifices a pleasant pastime in the atmosphere of the restaurant. In order to make up for this loss, you can always offer the customer to customize his dish. This simple process of choosing add-ons and sauces will help him feel while ordering in a real restaurant and leave a pleasant impression. Moreover, in case you add a discount system, there is a high probability that the total check will be even more than your client had planned before.

build your website

Providing clients with the possibility to choose always gives you an advantage. The same applies to payment methods. Today, cash and non-cash payments can be used as payment. Today most common online payments are represented by the following: Paypal, Square, Paylane, Dotpay, Stripe, etc.

The next most important thing in creating an online ordering web-site is the variability of delivery methods. Let your customers choose for themselves though whether they pick up their order themselves,order delivery or order to the table at your place. If they choose the latter, try to make sure each order has an attached courier who follows the exact route. This is usually helped by the built-in map where you can track the routes.

Finally, since the customer does not have the opportunity to personally be present at the place of food preparation, he needs to feel he is remembered. In order to do this, pay attention to the web-sites building systems that support such an important function as notifying the customer not only about accepting his order, but also about changing its status during the cooking process. Paying attention to all of the above features, your customers will leave positive feedback about your restarant and contribute to improving your image.

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