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  • Your menu

    The ORD platform helps you create a professional and attractive menu that will get your customer to make a purchase. After designing and configuring your site, the menu will look something like this:

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    To customize the product, you can add:


    A good marketing description will help get your customer interested in purchasing the product. You have 2 description options to choose from: A short description that is displayed to the customer when viewing the product listing will help grab the customer's attention. After an interested buyer clicks on a product to find out more, he will see a detailed description that prompts your customer to place an order. Shortly speaking - it all depends on your imagination!

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    With the ORD platform, you can customize the price as you need it. If your product does not have variations for which you need to set different prices, then you can simply set a single price. Otherwise, you can specify a different price for different variants of the same product.

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    Variations will be helpful if you can cook your food in different ways. Let your customers choose the base for the pizza or the flour from which you will bake the bread! At the same time, choosing a variation does not change the price, but your client will feel a part of the process.

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    You can add various additives to the main course if you like. For example, a piece of bacon is a good addition to a burger, and cheese sauce is ideal for fries. At the same time, you increase the order value, and your client receives a better and more unusual product.

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    Combos are somewhat similar to addons: in both cases, you offer something in addition to the main course. However, here you can offer something more - a bottle of Coca Cola for pizza or spaghetti for a steak. This feature also increases the cost of the order and makes your customer happy.

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    Many customers want to know what is included in a particular product. Fortunately, you can provide a list of ingredients that will be shown in the description.

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    The last thing to consider when designing a menu is the number of products available for sale. To avoid getting screwed up, you can set a limit on what you can sell. If you understand that you have enough capabilities to satisfy all your customers with this type of product, you can sell without any limitations!

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