Ordering website for your foodtruck!

Food truck owners have many competitive advantages: they are mobile and can switch from a location with little business traffic to a better one at any time. They don't have to pay rent, and also their small business seems to be much more customer-oriented than a large restaurant. Ord platforms is designed so that their business can grow, but in a virtual version. The order pickup location can always be easily changed, along with the location change. Start accepting orders from clients in 5 minutes!

Perfect solution for food trucks

Configuration will not take more than 20 minutes!

Ordering website is ready immediately after registration

You have a template of your website immidiately after registration. All you have to do is to customize it a bit by adding your menu, domain name and payment methods! After these simple steps, it will look as attractive as this one:

Product customizer

You have many built-in options to show the uniqueness of each product, from good photos and description to different product variations, add-ons and combos!

Flexible way to manage incoming orders!

We understand that food truck has a limited space inside and needs flexible way to manage incoming orders. Exactly for this purpose, we are offering a mobile application which will help you to manage orders from any place!

Effective delivery management!

When offering food delivery services, you need to set appropriate delivery zones and costs, as well as a minimum order value. Choose location and draw a zone on the map to set areas where you deliver your delicious food.

Designed for pickup!

Sometimes it is easier for people to pick up the order themselves. Ord allows you to give such option to clients. Moreover, if you have a chain of several foodtrucks, you can specify multiple pickup locations and clients can choose the most suitable one.

Tips for drivers to increase revenue!

Small food businesses as foodtrucks should consider any possibility to generate additional revenue. One way to generate more cash is to ask clients for tips for delivery.

Let your clients pay cashless!

Ord food ordering system, is integrated with quick online payments. This will help you gain even more customers as more and more people prefer cashless transactions these days. Let your customers pay for their food online thanks to integrations with the most popular payment methods - PayPal, Stripe, Square and others.

Use different incentives to make your clients order more!

Marketing promotions can become a major driving force to increase online food orders coming from your website. Ord offers a set of different marketing tools that you can use. These include discount codes, loyalty program, deals and much more!

Easy step-by-step setup!

Configure your system and start taking orders!

Configure your menu

Add all the products you want to sell. Remember to take care of their attractive photos and descriptions.

Choose delivery methods

Decide how you want to serve orders to clients. You can deliver them to client's place, allow personal pickup or serve orders directly to the table at your restaurant.

Add payment methods

You can allow different payment methods to suit the needs of your customers.

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