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When setting up the delivery, you have three options to choose from. They are as follows: free delivery, one price for delivery to any location, and different prices for the delivery to different regions. In order to set different shipping prices for different locations, you can base on postcodes or city names, or just build delivery zones directly on google maps!

In the first case, you just need to enter the appropriate postcode or city name and determine the price for delivery to this location. Please, keep in mind that you can add as many postal codes or cities as you need!

Choosing the second option, you will need to select your delivery area on the google map. It is as simple as drawing a few circles or rectangles with the appropriate prices. As in the previous case, you can add as many map zones, as you want.

Optionally, you can customize other delivery features such as delivery packaging fees, delivery time, and order delay.

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