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Due to the increased competition in the restaurant business, all business owners are engaged in an intense struggle for customers. Moreover, today, attracting customers has become not just a sign of the success, but a key necessity that helps the restaurants stay afloat.

Gone are the days when having a website was a knowhow and a competitive advantage. Now even the smallest cafes strive to create their own websites, but at the same time forget that the key to success is the quality of its management.

In this article, we have built a step-by-step path to achieve the goal of attracting new customers. The most obvious first step is to open the restaurant itself, at this stage it is worth considering expanding the services offered in favor of online orders and delivery. Fortunately, to achieve this goal, you do not need to purchase multiple computers. To create a website and process orders on it, such systems as provide for the presence of a computer, tablet or even a phone.

When the technical part is finished, you can start conquering the Internet promotion, where your restaurant web-site takes the first place in the top tools. Do not waste time creating your website from scratch, it’s easier to use existing platforms. It is much better to pay attention to choosing the right platform for you. Pay attention to the possibilities of reflecting and configuring the menu, receiving and processing orders. The better you work out the visual component of your site, the more likely you will be remembered by the client.

Remember, the more choice you give your client, the more people you will be able to please. This applies to both payment methods and delivery.

A competent marketing strategy will also help you find new customers. Who doesn't like discounts? There are probably no such people. You can use different approaches in providing discounts.

This may be a discount on certain items in the menu, or you may want the discount dependent on the total order summary. Your future customers will also appreciate it if you provide promo codes from time to time. You can place information about them on bright banners or popups, so that customers do not miss any great offers.

Try to be noticeable. You can involve your business partners any time. For example, the Ord system makes it possible to use the affiliate program. By adding a partner, you generate a special link that can be passed to potential customers by your partners. The system counts the number of customers and calculates the commission on completed orders. By adding an affiliate link, you can define the commission value and the time for the commission arrangements to remain in force. You should also not neglect the use of widgets. They not only contain all the information about the offers in a compact form, but can also be embedded in any existing site.

The possibilities of promotion are as wide as the possibilities of the Internet, where the main rule is “shout it out loud”. This means that you can use any open platform or social network to make yourself known. It can be Facebook or Instagram page, for example. Such pages are the best way to build an emotional connection with your customers and get their feedback. Thus, an account on Google My Business has already become a must-have for restaurants. It is used to show up on top of recommendations on Google Maps for search queries.

Thus, today there are countless methods of attracting customers. You can give interviews, share your success stories, collaborate with clients and much more. The only invariable rule is not to miss the quality of your product. This way you will definitely reach the top!

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