How to build your own delivery fleet

Nowadays the majority of restaurant owners have already decided to organize their own delivery chain. This restaurant-to-customer approach is getting more and more popular for several reasons, and the most common one is that it’s cheaper and has less additional fees compared to going through special platforms. The Statista data shows the revenue of the sector is expected to reach $71,918 million by the end of the year.

Tending to time and costs eliminations leads to new online food ordering and delivery systems development. Ord platform has become one of a few platforms that combine all business processes within one system, starting from the reflection of a rich selection of restaurant dishes and ending with their delivery to the consumer.

As for delivery, its understanding differs for both the supplier and the consumer. For the restaurant owner, this means finding the most efficient electronic system for accepting and processing orders, hiring professional couriers, preparing containers for delivery, and finding technical means of delivery.

An equally important process is to configure the delivery capabilities in the system. Ord offers a wide variety of settings that help to fully automate the process of choosing delivery methods, leaving the choice of options offered to the discretion of customers and minimizing the participation of restaurant employees. For example, the system allows you not only to select delivery zones but also to set different delivery prices depending on their location. You can also set up notifications about the delivery time and the minimum order amount.

As for consumers, the entire preparation process does not matter. The time of delivery for the clients starts from the moment when they make the order. At the same time, the most important task for the supplier is fast and high-quality preparation of products and their delivery. And this is the moment when the delivery fleet starts its journey.

Building online delivery system

1) The first stage begins with the receipt of the order. The order enters the system and contains all the information necessary for its preparation.

2) While the professional cooks are busy with the preparations, the employee whose job it is to process the orders checks the list of couriers available at that time and assigns one of them to a specific order.

3) At the same time, the courier receives his appointment to order through the mobile app, which makes the whole process even more convenient and fast. Since the courier can receive orders regardless of their location.

4) All that the courier needs to do to confirm their destination is to change the status in the app to "in delivery".

5) As soon as the courier has changed the order status, the built-in map helps to track the delivery. It is worth noting that on one map you can track the movement of all couriers at the same time. This helps to optimize not only the work of employees but also the entire business as a whole.

The finish line is where the joy of customers from the order they receive begins and their trust in your restaurant appears.

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