Why does your restaurant need delivery

Do you realize that every minute you think about the delivery arrangement for your restaurant costs you a great loss of additional profit?

According to the data presented by StockApps.com, the global online food delivery market is expected to hit $151.5bn in revenue and 1.6bn users in 2021, a 10% jump year-over-year. New market research forecasts global market growth of over $40bn by 2023. This data is already a strong argument in favor of restaurant delivery.

However, if there aren't enough of them, there are a few more:

Delivery is an investment

Many people believe that the organization of delivery is an additional cost that only a successful restaurant can afford. This misconception prevents many food places from developing. It would be more correct to consider delivery as an investment.

It is true that at first, it’s necessary to allocate some money funds for containers for dishes, cutlery, and hiring couriers. However, it is also worth noting that with the right organization of work, such investments pay off within a few months. If you prove your service on the positive side and your dishes reach the customer as delicious as they are served in the restaurant, customers will be willing to pay more for the opportunity to enjoy them at home or in the office.

Delivery enhances your online visibility

Before offering delivery, you've probably already created a food online ordering website. That was the first step on your way to greater online visibility. However, increasingly, consumers are turning to the Internet for help with the request "order food with delivery". As soon as you begin to provide the opportunity to order dishes with delivery, this will immediately contribute to raising your site in the top responses to this kind requests.

Delivery helps reach more customers

Reaching more customers is perhaps the most obvious advantage of delivery. There are many reasons why today people can no longer visit a restaurant in person. This may include being too busy at work and home, unwillingness to wait in a restaurant until the dishes are ready or until a table is available, or even being afraid of being in a crowded room due to the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic. By providing delivery, you avoid the risk of losing a customer for such reasons.

Delivery promotes service area expansion

According to the results of numerous surveys, most people prefer to visit local restaurants within walking distance move to neighboring areas. This means that most likely your average customer lives 150-700 meters from your restaurant. Delivery helps to extend this range to several kilometers. Given that 1 courier can serve several customers in 1 or 2 regions at once, the delivery costs will be fully covered by the added value of orders.


Another advantage of delivery today is the complete automation of the process. You no longer need to take orders over the phone while trying to quickly find a free courier to deliver the order. Modern systems for setting up online order sites allow you to simultaneously accept orders, assign couriers, and even track their movement on the built-in maps.

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