Ordering website for restaurants!

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For many restaurant owners, it is essential to find an answer on the following question: how to increase sales in such a highly competitive market? Ord offers to restaurants a perfect answer to this question - online food ordering system!

Perfect solution for any type of restaurant

Configuration will not take more than 20 minutes!

Ordering website is ready immideately after registration

You have a template of your website immidiately after registration. All you have to do is to customize it a bit by adding your menu, domain name and payment methods! After these simple steps, it will look as attractive as this one:

Product customizer

You have a lot of built-in possibilities to convey the unique message of each product starting from bright pictures and description ending with different product variations, addons and combos!

Easy ways to handle incoming orders!

In order to meet the needs of all users, Ord offers several ways to receive orders: from the generated website, from mobile application, from ordering widget

Effective delivery management!

When offering food delivery services, it is essential for you to set appropriate delivery zones as well as transport costs and minimum order value. With the Ord system, you get easy to use delivery zone set up tool. Choose location and draw a zone on the map to set areas where you deliver your delicious food.

Track delivery of order to ensure high-quality services!

Delivery tracking is a powerful feature built-in to the Ord system which helps to ensure that order is delivered on-time and client is satisfied.

Once the order is passed to delivery guys, you can track the whole delivery process using an interactive map that displays delivery addresses, as well as the current position of your delivery guys. Check this video to learn more

Let your clients pay cashless!

The restaurant ordering system supplied by Ord is integrated with quick online payments. Thanks to this, you will earn even more customers as more and more people nowadays prefer cashless transactions. Let customers pay for food digitally using integrations with the most popular payment methods - PayPal, Stripe, Square and others.

Use different incentives to make your clients order more!

Marketing promotions can become the main driving force to increase the amount of online ffod orders coming from your food ordering website. Ord offers a set of different marketing tool which can be used by you as discount codes, loyalty program, deals and more!

Easy step-by-step setup!

Configure your system and start taking orders!

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  1. 1

    Configure your menu

    Add all your products to the website. Customize them by adding beautiful pictures, addons and combos

  2. 2

    Choose delivery methods

    Decide how you want to serve orders to clients. You can deliver them to client's palce, allow personal pickup or serve orders directly to the table at your restaurant.

  3. 3

    Add payment methods

    It is possible to connect multiple payment methods to satisfy the needs of your customers icluding different online payment methods!v

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